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Haute Chocolat 一直堅持製造優質、時尚和新鮮的產品給朱古力愛好者品嘗。

ChocoEngrav 系列產品,讓你能將你的心意,用文字或圖案鐫刻在朱古力上,送給特別的人。每件朱古力都是特別訂製,相信收到這份禮物的人,一定能感受到你的濃濃心意。


我們準備了適合不同的節日及場合使用的預定圖案,用以配合客人的文字。 另我們亦接受客人提供的圖案,訂製一份獨一無二的禮物。


Haute Chocolat always insists on manufacturing high-quality, fashionable and fresh products for chocolate lovers. ChocoEngrav product series let our customers put their own sweet words and graphics on a piece of chocolate which is specially customized for their special one only.

We understand the requirements of chocolate lovers. We adopt low temperature engraving technology to avoid high temperature engraving technology to impact the original taste of chocolate.

We provide pre-designed patterns, which are suitable for different festivals and occasions, to match with the customers’ own written message. We also accept the patterns provided by the customers in order to make up a unique gift.

Please contact us for more details about our services.

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