There are no limits to our designs. We keep discovering new methods to fuse elements from gourmet chocolates into trendy and festive presentations. Tell us your ideas, we can tailor make the right chocolate gifts for your special occasion.

On top of being a gourmet supermarket, FoodGARDEN has a different agenda from its rivals: a vision to support local small local brands.  Without FoodGARDEN there would be no Haute Chocolat, we at least not in 2013.


Since they sell gourmet foods that are normally unavailable elsewhere in town, you sure will find something new here every time!  At the store there are some friendly staffs who themselves are experts in making fine food, so if you are planning to make an impressive meal go ahead and ask for suggestions!


作為一個售賣高級食材的地方,FoodGARDEN有別於其他的超級巿場:她所秉持的企業理念,是源自對支持本地小品牌的一腔熱誠。事實上,如果沒有FoodGARDEN,就不會有Haute Chocolat,至少我們不會能夠在2013年順利成立。



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