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Golden Macadamia

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Golden Macadamia 焦糖夏威夷果仁

Product Number: 001DWM

62% Dark chocolate with whole caramelised macadamia



As our Number 2 signature product, the Golden Macadamia delivers exactly what we want: the highest level of freshness that none can be compared.   We are putting so much effort in making it possible: First, extra large raw macadamias are freshly roasted in a hot air oven, giving them the uniform golden appearance and full aroma profile.  Then we enrobe them with slowly cooked caramel while they are still hot, so all the flavours are sealed in.  As they cool down, the crispy caramelised nuts are enrobed with dark chocolate by hand.  Is it really worth all these effort?  You will be impressed.




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