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Matcha Kagura 東瀛抹茶

Product Number: 1016GG

Milk chocolate with Japanese green tea ganache



Matcha is one of the most expensive form of Japanese green tea, used primarily in Japanese tea ceremony.  The tea itself is grown under shade giving it a distinctive sweet aroma, and is extensively grounded to a fine powder.  Infused in our fresh, smooth dark chocolate ganache, you will enjoy the smoothest sensation as well as the perfect balance between sweet and bitter taste.  In Japan, paper fans are used in Kagura (god entertainment) during special occasions.  Sit back and enjoy this piece as you imagine a grand performance begins...


具日本風情的扇狀造型,從京都找來的優質宇治抹茶,加入忌廉做成軟心, 淡淡茶香,牛奶香甜, 軟心是我們的自豪作,超幼滑。


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